India Pixie x Beyond Retro festival shoot

India Pixie x Beyond Retro festival shoot

My blog started off as a vintage clothing blog, all about sustainable fashion, bargain thrifts and how I styled the pieces I picked up. Whilst has started down a different path, vintage clothing had and always will have my heart. Nothing beats the thrill of finding a one-off piece from a decade long gone to incorporate into your current wardrobe, these pieces often become staples in mine and I tend to wear and keep them longer than I would a fast fashion piece off the highstreet. 

My love for vintage meant I was absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to model for one of the London vintage stores that I've been shopping at for as long as I can remember, Beyond Retro. 

I met with the wonderful Charlie at the Beyond Retro studio. The studio was any fashion lovers dream, boxes and boxes of clothes ready to be shipped out to stores but my favourite part of the building was the archive room, full to the brim of vintage designer pieces, any and all of which I would loved to have taken home with me. I could have stayed in there forever. 

Charlie had picked and styled a whole rack of incredible festival outfits, each look was very different to the last. She took me from Coachella to Secret Garden party, from crochet to sequins.


We shot around 6 outfits in total, some in the studio and some we ventured out into the streets of London. It's difficult creating 'festival vibes' in a city so we ended up walking round until a bit of graffiti on a street corner or a green park caught our eye. Playing dress up and dancing round the streets of London is my idea of fun, dampened only by a handful of men who insisted of beeping their horn, catcalling or not so discreetly taking pictures on their phones but hey! Whats new there.

As you can see, Charlie is just as much of a whizz with the camera as she is with putting outfits together and Im super excited to share these images with you. You can also see my mug over on the